Emporix Contentful App


The Emporix App allows you to visually select your store's products from Emporix and reference them in Contentful entries.


To use the Emporix Contentful App, you will need:

  • A Contentful content type. It needs to include at least one field with its type set to either Short text or Short text, list.

  • Emporix credentials for integrating with Contentful:

    • Search API Key
    • Index Name


Step 1: Install the Emporix app on Contentful.

  1. Log in to Contentful.

  2. Navigate to Apps -> Manage apps.

  3. Select the Emporix app and click Authorize access.

  4. Fill out the Emporix app fields with your Algolia credentials.

    a) Paste your Search API Key in the Search Key field.

    b) Paste your Index Name in the Index name field.

  5. Mark checkboxes next to the fields for which you would like to install the Emporix app.

  1. Click Install.

Step 2: Use the product picker to select products.

  1. Navigate to the Content tab.

  2. Select or create a new entry of the content type for which you installed the app.

  3. Find the field and click Select products.

  1. Use the search bar to search for products by name.

  2. Select the products and click Save products.

  1. Selected products should now appear in the content editor.